Adam is a 2D flash animator, writer and show creator in Hollywood, Ca. who enjoys nature, meditating and playing the banjo.

In 2004 he co-created and sold his first show to WB with, Eddie Trigueros called "That's My Boys."

In 2013 he co-created an adult animated web series with his wife, Gina Bonacquisti called "Pillow Talk." 

In 2018 he created a Facebook web series called, “Buddy Buddha.”

As an animator, he has worked on projects for Tom Hanks, MTV, Nick Junior,  Hallmark, Disney Junior, WB and Cartoon Network.

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Adam Scarpitta Animation Resume

2D Flash Animator

Union Member (Local 839)



[Animator] [Hot House Productions]

I was an animator on (season 4) of the Adult Swim show, Mr. Pickles.


[Animator] [Renegade Animation]

I worked on two WB series, Unikitty and DC Super Hero Girls.


[Writer, Director, Storyboards, and Animator] [Defining Grey]

Buddy Buddha is a (Facebook) web series I created and make with a small crew.


[Animator, Clean Up, Rigging and Writer] [Cartoon Network]

I was part of small in-house animation crew (6 people) working on the series, Mighty Magiswords, Apple and Onion, as well as various pilots, TV bumpers and web series. I wrote and animated many of the opening title “Grup gags” of Mighty Magiswords and was one of the writers for aPower Puff Girls (anti-bully) short.


[Animator] [OddBot Inc.]

I worked on the children’s educational series, ABC Mouse.


[Writer, Storyboards, Director and Animator] [Defining Grey]

Pillow Talk is a (Youtube) web series I co-created with my wife and make with a small crew.


[Animator, Rigging] [OddBot Inc.]

I worked on Disney Jr’s, Doc McStuffins: “So much you can do to take care of you” (series ofshorts.) I also did the main character rigs, eye blinks and mouth comps for, Mr. Peabody and Sherman Series (Netflix/Dreamworks.)


[Animation Director] [Short Film]

I was the animation director and one of the animators for the short, Squatch’n For Bigfoot.


[Lead Animator] [Toonocracy]

I was the lead animator for, Bungees The Series as well as a pilot called, NBA Heroes.


[Animator] [10Forward]

I animated character cycles for the gaming app, Wella Pets.


[Lead Animator, writer, storyboards] [Animeme]

I took the creators concept and would write, board, design and animate different shorts, for the web series, Animeme.

On the web series, Animeme Rap Battles I was an animator for season 1 and became the lead animator for season 2.


[Animator, Storyboards] [Oddbot Inc.]

Was the lead animator on (season 2) of Mondo Media’s, Deep Space 69 and animator on DisneyJr’s, The Doc Files (season 1). I also storyboarded a pilot.


[Animator] [10Forward]

I worked on a short for Hallmark called, Little Owl.


[Animator] [Cosmic Toast]

I worked on the Nick Jr. Movie, Lala Oopsies: A sew magical tale and the series, as well as a couple pilots.


[Concept, Assistant Animator, Clean Up, Rigging, Ink and Paint] [Grim Harbor]

I worked on a music video for the music label, Monstercat.

Traditional animation in flash.


[Concept, Assistant Animator, Clean Up, Rigging, Ink and Paint] [Grim Harbor]

I worked on traditionally (in flash) animated shorts for comedian’s, Patrice O’Neal and MitchFatel.


[Animator, Rigging] [Six Point Harness]

I worked on several projects including:

Tom Hanks “Electric City” (Animator, Rigging)

MTV’s “Good Vibes” (Animator)

McDonald’s commercial (Rigging)

MetLife Superbowl commercial (Animator)

It’s Fred (Animator)

Goodbye Kitty (Animator)

M. Ward music video “The first time I ran away” (Animator)


[Animator] [Short Film]

I worked on an African film called, “Sule and the case of the tiny spark” (Winner of the NelsonMandela Award and Best Animated Short Film at the Montreal International Black Film Festival)

Original Series

• 2017-present
“Buddy Buddha” Created by Adam Scarpitta

Writer, Storyboard, Director, Lead Animator
• 2014-present
"Pillow Talk" Created by Adam Scarpitta & Gina Bonacquisti
Writer, Storyboards, Director, Lead Animator
• 2004
"That's my boy's" (Warner Bros. Pilot) Created by Adam Scarpitta and Eddie Trigueros Cartoon Monsoon (Season one)
Writer, Executive Producer


Animation Guild: Storyboard class
Cartoon Network: Perspective Drawing
Cartoon Network: Story Structure
Animation Guild: Gesture drawing
Cartoon Network: Color Theory
Animation Guild: Storyboard class
Animation Apprentice under animator, Marius Alecse
1998 - 2000
Associates In Art: Quick Sketch, Figure Drawing, Animation, Inbetweening